About Us

Free Range Productions was founded in 2020 by John Beauchamp, Jarosław Kociszewski and Bartosz Panek. We met while working as journalists at public broadcaster Polskie Radio, and between us, we have accrued over five decades of broadcasting experience.

free range productions team members
jaroslaw kociszewski photo
Jarosław Kociszewski
Jarek is a well-established broadcast and print journalist. He is a veteran Middle Eastern correspondent and still comments exhaustively on the region in Polish media. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Nowa Europa Wschodnia, and has had bylines in Newsweek Poland, Pismo and other leading weeklies in Poland and abroad. Jarek works with NGOs with a special focus on the Middle East and East Africa, and is currently a PhD candidate at the UMK in Toruń. He is also a security expert for Stratpoints and a university lecturer.
John Beauchamp
John spent over a decade as a broadcast and news copy journalist at Polskie Radio’s External Service, spending a year as the English Section’s managing editor. He has also produced geolocated soundwalks for Culture.pl and taught radio journalism at Vistula University in Warsaw. In addition to his work at Free Range, John is a V/O artist and can be heard throughout Warsaw’s public transport network. In 2022 he became a fully-licenced ham operator, with the callsign HF5B.
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Bartosz Panek
Bartosz is a radio feature documentary maker and reporter with over 20 years’ experience, supporting the artistic development of Free Range Productions. Currently he is the Director and Editor-in-Chief of Polish Radio’s Documentary and Feature Studio (Studio Dokumentu i Reportażu). Prize winner of Polish and international awards, including the Prix Italia for innovative documentary language. His works have been highlighted in competitions and audio festivals in Italy, France, Croatia, the Netherlands and Lithuania. A stipend holder from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as well as from the City of Warsaw. His second work of non-fiction – on the PGR former state-owned agricultural farms – was published by Czarne in 2024. Biking and forest-running enthusiast. If he hadn’t settled down in the plains of Mazovia, he’d live in the mountains.